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We are all born and have a birth story to tell.

Healthy Birth Healthy Earth was a conference held in Findhorn , North Scotland, in September, 2016. It was an inquiry into how we can more consciously and lovingly welcome beings Earthside, involving all phases from conception, pregnancy and childbirth, through to early childhood. And in the process, how we might heal our primal beliefs about life, choice, safety and love.

Our earliest experiences shape our beliefs about life. As we come into being, our capacity to love ourselves, others and the world, is either enabled or suppressed. This affects all of our relationships including that with the world around us.

When facing the challenges of climate change and discovering its relationship to birth, can we think in life affirming ways about this critical period of human bonding? Consciously healing the beginnings of life, both as adults and in relation to current birthing practices, reveals priceless gifts for each of us and contributes directly to the sustainability of life on our precious Earth.

The event was a huge success; it proved to be life-changing and transformative for many participants, even those watching the live webstreaming in places as remote as Australia and Brazil. This was in good part because of the calibre of the keynote speakers (see below and on the ‘Presenters‘ page) and the quality of their presentations, which can still be viewed online. Nine keynote presentations were recorded for posterity and are available by clicking on this link or the image below.

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