Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth was a conference in September 2016, about conscious conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood, as well as the healing of birth trauma in adults. The venue was the famous Findhorn spiritual community and ecovillage in North Scotland.

Our aim for the week-long conference was to create a supportive container for the exploration of key concepts such as:
•  birthing mothers bring forth and nurture those who will determine the health of the planet
•  babies learn during gestation and birth whether the world is safe or terrifying
•  how we are born and raised affects our capacity to love ourselves and others
•  the healing of birth issues in adults is vital for a full expression of our creative intelligence and responsiveness.

Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth was a multifaceted event incorporating presentations, classes and participatory workshops by leading teachers, practitioners and academics, as well as cultural and social events. This conference generated a rich vein of insight, learning and expertise that will nourish and support those who participated in this critical exploration of the evolution of humanity.

Participants included
•  professionals involved in the birth and care of babies
•  therapists concerned with the wellbeing of families
•  ecologists and educators who care about the Earth
•  those involved in their own development and healing
•  concerned parents and prospective parents

The conference was formally accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

Conference Conveners

Rosie FaithRosie Faith (Findhorn) is a Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Consultant living in the Findhorn Community. She is a member of Doula UK and The Scottish Doula Network. She is also a Certified Birth Into Being Apprentice, Certified Women’s Health Advocate, and Holistic Health Therapist. Birthkeeping, and Rosie’s son, grandson and spirit children are the loves of her life.

Elmer PostleElmer Postle (London) is a Craniosacral therapist and film-maker with a specialism in birth physiology and psychology. In 2005 he produced the documentary film The Healing of Birth for the field of professional birth education. Elmer has studied extensively in Source Process and Breathwork, Prenatal and Birth Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy which together form the basis of his practice. He produces film recordings internationally in the therapeutic and self-development fields through Whole Being Films, and works in television as a director and as a cameraman. Elmer co-founded the ‘Fathers-to-Be’ initiative, supporting men as they become fathers. He lives in London on a barge with his wife and son.

Graham MeltzerGraham Meltzer (Findhorn) is a long-standing and passionate advocate of humane birthing and conscious child-rearing. His two daughters were born at home and raised in community; they went on to become a midwife and anthropologist/doula. Graham has an academic background in architecture and the social sciences and has published four books. His PhD focussed on the connection (or more commonly, disconnection) between people’s concerns about environmental degradation and their lifestyle choices. He has lived at Findhorn for 10 years and currently works in the Conference Office of the Findhorn Foundation.

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