Robin Lim

Robin LimRobin Lim (Bali) is a midwife, author, gentle birth advocate and founder of Bumi Sehat Indonesia health clinics, which offer free prenatal care, birthing services and medical aid to anyone who needs it. Since the tsunami of 2004 she has increasingly worked as a midwife in disaster zones, most recently in Nepal. Robin has received many awards including the 2006 Alexander Langer International Peace Award, 2011 CNN Hero of the year and 2012 Birth-keeper of the year.  Robin’s website.

Robbie Davis-Floyd

Robbie Davis-FloydRobbie Davis-Floyd PhD (US) is a cultural/medical anthropologist specialising in the anthropology of reproduction. An international speaker and researcher, she is author of over 80 articles, ‘Birth as an American Rite of Passage’ (1992, 2004), co-author of From Doctor to Healer: The Transformative Journey (1998) and The Power of Ritual (2016). Robbie has been co-editor of 10 collections, including Childbirth and Authoritative Knowledge: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (1997), Birth Models That Work (2009), and Birth on the Global Frontier (2016).  Robbie’s website.

Michel Odent

Michel OdentMichel Odent MD (France) has been in charge of the surgical and obstetrical units of a French state hospital (Pithiviers) from 1962 to 1985. He is founder and editor of the Primal Health Research Database. Michel authored, in the 1970s, of the first articles about the initiation of breastfeeding during the hour following birth. He is also author of Genese de l’homme écologique (Paris 1979), Childbirth and the Evolution of Homo sapiens (London 2014) and 13 other books published in 23 languages.  Michel’s website.

Binnie A Dansby

Binnie A DansbyBinnie A Dansby (UK) is a teacher, therapist, healer, author and philosopher. In 1977 she left her career in art and design to pursue a career in healing and transformation with a focus on pregnancy and childbirth. Pre-natal and birthing experiences remembered by adults has inspired her to deeply listen to beings in-utero and at birth in varied circumstances e.g. home birth, water birth, ‘normal’ hospital setting, and in surgery during caesarean section. Binnie has supported hundreds of births.  Binnie’s website.

Ray Castellino

Ray CastellinoRay Castellino (US) is an innovator and leader in pre- and peri-natal somatic psychology, working with families, babies and adults since 1970. He is director of the Castellino Prenatal and Birth Therapy Training for professionals; and clinic co-director and co-founder of BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment) a non-profit family research clinic. He conducts professional trainings in the US and Europe. Ray has published in English, German, Spanish and Italian and is featured in videos in English and German.  Ray’s website.

Ramiro Romero

Ramiro Romero (Colombia) was born Muisqua, the aboriginal people of the high plateaus of the Colombian Andes who still preserve their ancestral knowledge and traditions. His mother was a midwife and his father a medicine man; Ramiro has been immersed in both vocations since the age of 8. For thousands of years, the Muisqua have lived in harmony with nature, maintaining the continuation of healthy ecosystems through ritual and spiritual practice. Ramiro sees midwifery as a bridge to the inherent knowledge of women, returning to source and women’s innate capacity to birth life.

Robin Grille

Robin GrilleRobin Grille (Australia) is a psychologist and a parenting educator. His articles on parenting and child development have been widely published around the world. Robin’s work is animated by his belief that humanity’s future is largely dependent on the way we collectively relate to our children. His experiential, skills-based and informational parenting courses have helped many people embrace parenting as a transformative, personal growth journey. Drawing from 25 years’ clinical experience, Robin’s seminars and courses focus on healthy emotional development for children as well as parents.  Robin’s website.

Angelina Martinez Miranda

Angelina Martinez MirandaAngelina Martinez Miranda (Mexico) is a traditional Mexican midwife. She learned from her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who were all traditional midwives practising for around 40 years each. Angelina combines this wisdom with the many courses she has taken in midwifery and related subjects to keep up-to-date with evidence-based obstetrics. Angelina owns a birth centre located next to her house where, for years, she and her apprentices have attended an average of 23 births per month with excellent outcomes. An accomplished speaker, she has presented at international conferences in South America and the U.S.

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

Elena Tonetti-VladimirovaElena Tonetti-Vladimirova (Russia/US) is an international author and speaker who has served in the Birthing Field since 1982. As one of the pioneers of the Russian Conscious Birth Movement, Elena helped organise birth camps at the Black Sea, where women birthed in the presence of wild dolphins. There she realised that birth complications are preventable and created a programme which is featured in her film Birth As We Know It. She has trained hundreds of facilitators in 28 countries.  Elena’s website.


Clare Maddalena

Clare MaddalenaClare Maddalena (UK) is a yoga teacher, doula and mother of two. Since 2003 she has taught 3000+ women yoga and birthing techniques that help them enjoy pregnancy and prepare for birth. Clare created the LushTums School of Pregnancy, Birth & Yoga where she shares her experience and inspiration, training others to become pregnancy yoga teachers. She is growing the LushTums teaching community to bring classes to pregnant women throughout the UK and beyond.  Clare’s website.

Kate Woods

Kate WoodsKate Woods (UK) is a doula, teacher and storyteller. Her work began 20 years ago, when attending to labouring women within her community lead her to a deep awareness of imprinting, as Kate witnessed hundreds of births being either protected or interrupted by the mothers impressions of her caregivers. The importance for Birthworkers to provide an ’empty bowl’, through becoming conscious of the impact of personal and cultural stories on birthing women, has become Kate’s focus and she now works with doulas, midwives and doctors around the world.  Kate’s website.

Hope Medford

Hope MedfordHope Medford (US) is a musician and visual artist involved in the healing arts, sustainability education and community health. She has been the percussionist for the tribal roots rock band, Medicine for the People ( since 2008. Hope has trained and worked as a midwife and doula, assisting over 400 births in the US, Africa, and Indonesia. She created a natural birth support curriculum which she taught in the US, Brazil and Peru. She is a board member of ‘Honour the Earth’, an indigenous environmental justice project.  Hope’s website.

Nicola Goodall

Nicola GoodallNicola Goodall (UK) is a doula, birth educator, member of AIMS (Association of Independent Midwives) and founding member of the Scottish Doula Network. After completing her DipEd in Antenatal Education, she worked with the NCT (National Childbirth Trust)  in London and Edinburgh. Nicola created Red Tent Doulas, a radical new programme for women who support birthing families. Her roles within the NHS include sitting on the Maternity Services Liaison Committee and consulting with the Lothian Birth Centre. Nicola is a facilitator of Loving the Mother. In 2015 she delivered a TEDx talk (see embed below) and was published in The Guardian. Nicola’s website.

Monique Gauthier

Monique GauthierMonique Gauthier (Canada) is a midwife and natural birth advocate, practising in New England and Canada since 1995. She helps her clients explore spiritual principles that support the expression of power and joy in birth and parenthood. Her workshops and lectures, along with her DVD, Birthing Peace, have inspired many to birth in the manner of their dreams. She has also been faculty on university programmes based in international ecovillages, teaching community dynamics, spirituality and sustainability.  Monique’s website

Esther-Maria Lindner

Esther Maria LindnerEsther-Maria Lindner (Australia) is a doula, practitioner of the Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy and Reiki Master. She has been apprenticed to a variety of Medicine Peoples and Shamans from various traditions. Her conscious conception and birthwork is shaped by and unites all these foundations to reconnect her clients and students to the sacredness of conception, pregnancy and birth. Esther’s work recognises the power of these rites of passage to heal the Earth – one conception, one birth and one generation at the time.  Esther-Maria’s website.

Ric Jones

Ricardo Herbert JonesRicardo Herbert Jones MD (Brazil) is an obstetrician, gynaecologist and homeopath from Brazil, the country with one of the most medicalised birthing environments in the world (e.g. a 50%+ national c-section rate). Ric is a ‘holistic’ OB working in close, non-hierarchical collaboration with midwives and doulas, striving to ensure that women’s needs (spiritual, social, psychological, emotional, etc.) are made paramount. Ric is an author and speaker on the issue of humanisation of childbirth in Brazil and also other countries such as the USA, Mexico, Portugal, England, Bulgaria, Uruguay and Argentina. Ric’s webpage.

Elmer Postle

Elmer PostleElmer Postle (London) is a Craniosacral therapist and film-maker with a specialism in birth physiology and psychology. In 2005 he produced the documentary film The Healing of Birth for the field of professional birth education. Elmer has studied extensively in Source Process and Breathwork, Prenatal and Birth Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy which together form the basis of his practice. He produces film recordings internationally in the therapeutic and self-development fields through Whole Being Films, and works in television as a director and as a cameraman. Elmer co-founded the ‘Fathers-to-Be’ initiative, supporting men as they become fathers. He lives in London on a barge with his wife and son.

Wil Hemmerle

William HemmerleWilliam Hemmerle Jr. (Bali), called, “Bapak Wil” (Father Wil) in Bali, is a musician and music producer.  He recently helped with the singing birth of his latest grandchild, at home surrounded by family, into the hands of her grandmother, Ibu Robin Lim. Bapak Wil writes songs and performs with his band, Soul Doctors. His instruments include, guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, anything with strings and anything that makes a joyful sound. Wil uses his skill in sound and video production to make learning materials for the Awakening Birth series.

Roma Norriss

Roma Norriss.jpgRoma Norriss (UK) has been birthkeeping since 2006. She trained with Binnie Dansby in Ecstatic Birth and is interested in the impact of early trauma. Since qualifying as an NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor in 2011, she has helped over 3000 parents with breastfeeding. Roma is also a Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor, leading courses and consulting in this transformational work. She and Binnie run After Birth at the Active Birth Centre, supporting perinatal trauma. Roma writes for HuffPost, JUNO and Practicing Midwife.

Audicia Morley

Audicia Morley (UK) has been inspired by a deep interest in Eastern and Western approaches to energy, health and the body. Audicia has over 30 years experience working both national and internationally in the field of movement, health and the creative arts. In 2008 she co-founded State Theta Galleries Scotland and is Co-Director & Core Faculty for Tamalpa UK. For more information see and

Deborah Jay-Lewin


Deborah Jay-Lewin (Findhorn). Deborah’s dance teaching is infused with her 25+ years love affair with both the Findhorn Community, Scotland and the field of conscious movement practice. Having extensively trained with Gabrielle Roth, in 2014 Deborah became a founding member of Open Floor International. Deborah holds the space with deep attentiveness, clear instruction and an absolute delight and faith in dance as a gateway to transformation.

Ilona Kästner


Ilona Kästner (Findhorn) has studied Philosophy and Cultural Science (M.A.), mythology and ancient wisdom traditions. She has a background in storytelling and script consultancy for independent film production companies in Germany and has worked in the field of transformational education. Since 2009 she has been engaged in creating opportunities for collective healing and is currently involved in building a movement for social change in Scotland (U.lab Scotland).

James Pretlove


James Pretlove (Findhorn) has been a member of the Findhorn community since 2010. He teaches Scottish country dancing, cooks in the kitchen from time-to-time, and spends most of his time writing. He is a Nichiren Buddhist, chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo in order to help bring about world peace, and the happiness of all humanity.

Mari Hollander


Mari Hollander (Findhorn) has been Findhorn community member involved with family life, children and adult education for 40 years. Her two children were born here (a long time ago). Mari was a founding parent and later teacher with the Moray Steiner School. She is currently Course Coordinator for Findhorn Foundation College, a Findhorn Foundation Trustee and Chair of the Findhorn Wind Park

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